Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just a quick update on an interesting campaign that we are offering right now. If you don't have a credit union MasterCard, now is the time to consider applying for one. For a limited time only all entries will have the opportunity to win a grand prize of a $5000 dream vacation! Applying is easy, simply call your credit union branch today.

What's in my wallet? Well, I have chosen our Platinum MasterCard product for several reasons.
  1. I travel frequently for work. This card has numerous insurance provisions that protect me while I am traveling.
  2. I rent vehicles when I travel so the cost savings of not having to buy alternate insurance for a rent-a-car is instant savings.
  3. Purchase protection provides me two years of additional warranty on items that I purchase using my card.
  4. The travel rewards. Every $5000 I spend on my credit card I earn $100 travel credit.
How easy is it book travel? You can simply call the 1-800 number or go online and book with ease. So far, since I've owned this card I have booked trips to Mexico and Florida, all on travel rewards. Accumulation of points is very simple.  Here are some tips that I use:
  1. I have my phone and satellite bill paid by my MasterCard automatically.
  2. I purchase everything with my credit card:  gas, groceries, and all other expenses.
  3. I have informed my parents and others that if they are making large purchases to let me know and I will purchase it on my card to accumulate the rewards.
Start today!

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