Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The IPAD is it for you?

I was asked to test the functionality of the IPAD by Apple to identify if it could be used for business applications within our organization. First, I am not an avid Apple product user so I had to learn all the basics which oddly enough my 10 year old daughter knew quite extensively. Quite simply, the Apple IPAD is a large IPOD, if you're familiar with that tool. It functions as a large media center with the ability to surf the net using its bright screen and touch capabilities.

OK, so the findings, in a nut shell, I'm not a fan. I worked hard to break the paradigm of using a PC and move to this platform, but in my opinion the IPAD is not a business tool. Besides the learning curve of working in the Apple platform, there are numerous functionality issues that I have with the machine. The touch screen usually produces web content in the small screen provided so that you have to touch the screen to navigate. Well, it becomes difficult unless you enlarge the screen to make the links easier to touch. In my case I just found I wasted so much time hitting the wrong links due to pressing in the wrong spot. Touch screens for me are not my cup of tea. No web cam, enough said! I even asked the folks at Apple about the potential of hooking up an external one as we need that capability for doing web conference meetings, and they advised no go.

The ports; well there are only two, and do not try and fool the IPAD by adding an attachment that turns the main port into a USB port. It will quickly tell you that there is not enough power to run a web cam, camera, or alternate device you want to run. If you want to browse fliers or sites that require flash, you are out of luck. Apple and Adobe are not on good terms, and Apple will not adopt the Adobe products.  So, viewing these types of sites online becomes trouble. Although I like the fact you can get cool APPS by downloading them through Itunes, the good ones come with a cost, and of course this is Apples way of making the real money.

Conclusion:  Although the IPAD is sleek and a great travel companion, that is where it ends for me. If you like the IPOD and you are looking for a larger version, then the IPAD is your answer. If you are more focused on using your computer for word processing and business applications, stick with a laptop. The keyboard and use of mouse for me personally is something that I need to maintain because it provides the best practical method for the applications I use.

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