Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas

On behalf of all the employees at Leading Edge Credit Union, I would like to thank our members and supporters for another great year! Working this time of year is especially rewarding. The atmosphere in the branches are filled with joy as members alike bring Christmas greetings and stories of how they plan to celebrate Christmas. Candies and treats are a plenty as people acknowledge their appreciation of the employees by dropping off goodies. Christmas also provides that opportunity to socialize more and break traditional work routines which is always welcomed.

I would like to thank the membership for completing our online survey and acknowledging their overall satisfaction with Leading Edge Credit Union at 96%. This is a wonderful indication that we are meeting the expectations and needs of our membership. In response to a continuous high member satisfaction ranking, a decision was made to close the branches on Christmas Eve, allowing the employees to be with their families. The response from our membership has been extremely positive and again we thank you for your support in this decision.

On Behalf of all employees and board members, have a Merry Christmas and New Year!

Co-operatively Yours,

Cory Munden