Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello blog readers! I wanted to quickly comment on this photo that I took in Ireland while visiting there this summer.
There are two ladies standing in a busy downtown corridor and they obviously are selling strawberries. What is unique is the baby carriage they are using to transport the strawberries. It caught my attention right away, and although I had no intention on purchasing strawberries, one could not help notice the vivid color of the berries in the carriage.
The point here is that to draw attention you must do something different. I once had attended a seminar and the speaker of the day advised if you try the same old thing expect the same old results. If you are looking for different results try something different. Obviously these ladies found a unique way to market something so simple as strawberries. From a personal perspective if you are considering a new venture, a change at work, or simply planning an event, forget the predictable. Try something unique and different. We all have seen the Dyson vacuum cleaner commercials. An inventor looks at the common vacuum that we have been using for the last 50 years and says hey lets try something different. The whole marketing flaunt of what he offers is that this product is different, and solves all those pesky problems we had with our old vacuum. Oh, by the way, he is pointing out the problems for us, as many of us never even realized that a pivot on a vacuum head would solve all our problems :).

Today in a world of competition that expands well beyond the local level to the global level, we need to be different. What is your unique perspective?
Take care and just some food for thought for today!