Friday, January 20, 2012

The Team

Here is the Canadian team heading to Africa! The group consists of three teams with each having an assigned country (Uganda, Malawi, and Ghana). I will be traveling to Uganda with another seven Canadians. My partner, Harvey and I will be visiting 3 credit unions in the Central region near the capital city Kampala. We have just completed our cultural training for our respective countries. It was great to meet two former residents of Uganda and learn about their culture, heritage, political, and general geographic information. The training is very important as it prepares you for the introduction to a very unfamiliar situation. We learned simple things like the proper way to introduce yourself and say hello, and more important information such as ensuring that we don't insult others by doing certain gestures or saying something offensive.

In this picture, we are suppose be raising our hands in celebration of completing our training. Yes I am aware that it looks like I am being robbed, ha.

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