Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick Holiday Tips to protect yourself from Fraud!

  • Don’t lose sight of your debit or credit card, swipe it yourself. It takes only a few seconds for the bad guys to make a copy.
  • Don’t worry about offending people, shield your PIN (personal identification number) and don’t give it to anyone.
  • Don’t keep written records of your PIN or social insurance numbers in your wallet or purse.
  • Use your home computer not one at a library or Internet cafe.
  • Don’t click on links even if you know who sent it. Instead, manually type in a retailer’s website.
  • Use a credit care with a low limit, a single use payment card or a reliable third-party payment system.
  • Verify secure connections and look for an https:// address or the padlock symbol on websites.
  • When buying from auction sites or unauthorized retailers, remember that legitimate goods are rarely heavily discounted.
  • Monitor your financial statements online and alert institutions immediately to any suspicious transactions.
At home:
  • Don’t leave mail in you mailbox.
  • Shred pre-approved credit card applications, bills and receipts.
  • Don’t provide personal information over the phone and don’t fall victim to telephone solicitations.
And if you believe you’ve been caught in a scam, report it to police or your financial institution immediately.

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