Friday, November 4, 2011

Movember week 1

Ok so the moustache is taking shape and I am trying to adjust to the little peach fuzz on my lip. I found this as another great opportunity to involve my kids and bring them awareness on how its important to support social causes. The first reaction of the girls is that Dad you are going to look silly! Once they learned however that I was making a small sacrifice of "looking silly" to support prostate cancer research, their focus changed. I truly feel that we need to involve our kids more in these types of activities if we are to create the next generation of society.
This spring I had the opportunity to listen to a child choir from Africa that did tours to raise awareness on the struggles of children in Africa. The Watoto organization invited participants who listened to the group to consider sponsoring a child each month to assist them with education and housing. My girls were immediately interested in having Dad sponsor a child and support this important cause. I asked them if they were interested in donating $5 a month each to the cause, and if they were I would pay the difference. They were very receptive to the idea and each month now they bring me their financial contribution. I would hope its through these lessons that they develop into responsible adults that care for the world and others. I have already seen evidence of their good will this summer when they assisted a store owner whose store was broken into.
We all have a part to play, and whether it is done locally or internationally it makes no difference. The important part is that we somehow leave our mark on a social cause that we can be proud of as an individual.

My Moustache for Movember, look out Tom Selleck

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