Monday, February 14, 2011

Grade 5 Presentation

I would like to extend a big thank you to Mr. Whitehorne and Mrs. Ingram for the invite to speak to the grade 5 class in Port Aux Basques on Ghana, Africa. I really enjoyed interacting with the class as they learned about many topics of this great Country. The questions were fantastic and all the students were so engaged. They all indicated that they learned a great deal about the people and wildlife of the area. Some of the kids came up after the session and advised they are making a goal to go visit someday.

The Grade 5 Class

The purpose of the visit to the classroom was to let kids know how other people live in the world. Also it was my responsibility to inform them on my mission and the good work that is being done by credit unions in that region. I provided them a video that showed even the poorest kids made a habit of saving their money for a rainy day. In most cases the money went towards paying the school fees to attend school. It is important that our kids learn the value of saving. All too often kids are leaving high school to attend post secondary school, or go out on their own, and simply do not know how to budget or maintain credit. There are not many financial management courses in school that teach such life lessons so its up to us as parents. The school savings program was developed for this very purpose. The credit union visits the school once a week to collect deposits from students and track their progress. Kids learn that depositing very little amounts can be quite rewarding. Parents are encouraged to support this practice with assigning a goal to the savings. The goal will allow the kids to physically be rewarded with savings and hopefully continue the practice in adulthood.
It was a pleasure today tying the importance of savings in the country of Ghana to the classroom in Port Aux Basques. Thanks again to the teachers and students for their support!

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